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Malcolm Tolman is a professional writer and a published author. He has training in both creative and corporate writing styles for presentations, business communications, and marketing. He also tutors Japanese students in English.

He is available to offer his skills to help you polish your script or help write a script for an additional fee.


Books By MD Tolman



Brett Malek was just your average every day teenager trying to find where he fit in. But his life changed one day when he was caught up in a kidnapping at the local docks. Join Brett as he’s pulled into the adventure of his life!


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The Wolf of Class 1D

What if you could see emotions? What if our personalities took form? Miyaki Mei was wholly unimpressed with her high school life, until a traumatic event left her with the ability to see the 4th dimension, the place where our emotions and personalities take form. Along with Finn, a seemingly unimpressive transfer student who shares a similar ability, the two team up in order to better understand their place in the world while also aiding their classmates in their own internal struggles. A creative visualization of the battles we all face inside, the war which usually goes unseen.


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The Technomancer Chronicles: Book 1; Terra Vetus:

Sam Baker was your ordinary teen living an ordinary life in an ordinary town, wondering if there could be anything extraordinary about him. His life was changed one day when he was told that magic was real and he could use it. Join Sam, as he starts his adventures learning how to use magic at the Academy with book 1 of the Technomancer Chronicles; Terra Vetus!

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The Technomancer Chronicles: Book 2; Junk Town:

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