Write a Business Plan That Will Last

Business plans may look daunting, but they don't have to be! Contact Malcolm today to create a business plan you understand and will make others just as excited for your venture as you are!

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Gain Business Skills Without the Degree

Is there never enough time in a day? Do you feel your customers are cheating you out of their payments? Ever wish accounting seemed less, "Gr'ughlschmdt!" Let Malcolm show you how simple business can be!

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Documents to Raise Efficiency And Success

Need help designing a contract? Are unsure of if your newsletter sounds alright? How about an Excel spreadsheet that raises your efficiency and doesn't feel like a spreadsheet? Contact Malcolm to get the support you never knew you needed!

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Your Business Matters!

You have an idea this world needs to experience, a talent that needs to be used, and a unique flavour that no one else but you can bring. Your business is important! So why risk it by being unprepared?

We Get it!

Business is scary! I mean you have all these cash flow statements, contracts, invoices, copyrights, CRMs, SEO, taxes, forecasting, business plans, and meanwhile you haven't even bought a coffee maker yet! Business is tough!

But it doesn't have to be!

Allow us to come alongside you. Our policy is to take the buzz words out of business leaving you with just the honest to goodness logic. Our goal is not only to support you, but to encourage and train you as you travel along on your business journey in order for you to become the confident and self sufficient business owner we know you are!

We learned the lingo so you won't have to!

With extensive business training and experience, we are here to make you stronger than you ever knew you were!

The World Needs Your Talent. Let us Help You Show it!

Daring Captain Mac Package

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