Wide Skills for Focused Support

A Renaissance Man in a Modern World

Majority of start ups fail within the first 5 years. One of the main causes is a lack of business knowledge.

Your Idea Deserves to Succeed!

A business grad with skills in a variety of arts including writing, voice acting, Excel spreadsheets, accounting, resource management, and C# programming, Malcolm goes out of his way to offer advice and services to aid your business idea's launch into the world.

E-mail your inquiries to vo@malcolmtolman.com for more information!

You Aren't Alone in Your New Business

Starting a new business is difficult. Simply having a great idea is not enough to survive the harsh world of business. Business plans, spreadsheets, budgeting. There are so many tough questions you have to face.

But you Aren't Alone

Malcolm has training in business and experience in both large businesses and entrepreneurial start ups. Let his experience advise you as you make your first steps forward in being your own boss!

Is Your Project Missing That Extra Zing?

Malcolm's Voiceover Expertise Can Help!

Are you in need of a youthful teen? An insane or evil villain? Adorable woodland creatures with psychopathic tendencies?? Let Malcolm Tolman add the voice you need to keep your audience excited and enthralled!

But don't just take our word for it! Have a listen yourself!


Building Experiences Through Words

Fictional World Building to Corporate Presentations

Malcolm has talent in numerous genres of writing. Whether you need a fictional world with deep lore but strong continuity, a social media account with wit and charm, or an engaging but professional corporate presentation, Malcolm can provide you with fast and creative solutions.

With two published novels, and several years experience tutoring Japanese students in English, Malcolm has continuously striven to push his talents to their uppermost limit.

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