A Modern Day Storyteller

It's About People!

A Textbook Can't Teach You Empathy. Rely on Someone Who's Learned it The Old Fashioned Way.

What's the Secret to Acting, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Game Design, Social Media and More?

It's Understanding People!

Knowledge on Both Sides

Naturally a Creative Mind Yet With Knowledge of the Practical. An Artistic Mind With Business Training.

Don't Rely on Half The Picture. Be Self Aware of Your Tendencies And Learn to Appreciate Both Approaches in Unison.

Make Life Fun

Make What You Do Worth Doing!

Be it Acting or Business. Writing or Programming. It is Important to Take One's Work Seriously But Oneself Never!

The Secret to Success is to Be Able to Share a Smile Even While Working

The Big Picture

Jack of All Trades But Master of None Can be More Effective Than a Master of One!

A Life Devoted to One Discipline Can Lead to Tunnel Vision. A Life Jumping Between Many Disciplines Can Lead to Chaos. But A Life Devoted to Learning the Connections Between Many Disciplines Can Be Empowering!

This World Isn't Segmented. Everything Interconnects and Interacts. Look to Someone Who Looks For the Big Picture to See Solutions You Couldn't Notice Before!

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