Since 1993

Your Business Matters!

Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, dog walker, or more, you have an idea that means the world to you, and the world needs to experience it!

Taking on a large project can be daunting, but you don't need to face it alone! Be it writing, voice over, business advice, or more, Malcolm Tolman offers his best to help make your venture the best it can be!

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Since 1993

Startup Support You Can Trust

You've got a talent, product, or great idea you feel the world HAS to see. That's great! You've started your first steps into the world of being a freelancer or entrepreneur! But just having a great talent or idea will only take you so far.

Malcolm's goal is to support and educate entrepreneurs and freelancers with talent, in order to help them change the world.

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Is Your Project Missing That Extra Zing?

Malcolm's Voiceover Expertise Can Help!

Are you in need of a youthful teen? An insane or evil villain? Adorable woodland creatures with psychopathic tendencies?? Let Malcolm add the voice you need to keep your audience excited and enthralled!

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Since 1993

Since 1993

Building Experiences Through Words

The Pen Truly is Mightier Than the Sword

Words are powerful. They build us up or tear us down. When it comes to your project, be it creating a world, or writing a contract, every word you write counts!

With two published novels, as well as training in creative, business, technical, persuasive, academic, and social media writing, Malcolm offers writing services to help you find your voice and let others hear it clearly.

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