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Daring Captain Mac Package

A Modern Day Storyteller

It's About People!

A Textbook Can't Teach You Empathy. Rely on Someone Who's Learned it The Old Fashioned Way.

What's the Secret to Acting, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Game Design, Social Media and More?

It's Understanding People!

Give Your Project Personality

The Right Voice For Your Project

Whether You Need a Teenager, Adult, or Old Man; Hero, Villain or Total Klutz; Lizard, Human, or Diabolic Fuzzball; Malcolm Has a Wide Range of Voices to Add Life Back Into Your Work.

Let Malcolm Give Your Project the Personality it Needs

Daring Captain Mac Voice Acting

Find the Right Words

Writing With Personality and Emotion

With Two Published Novels, and Over 15 Years Experience in Writing For Comics, Bloggers, Influencers and More; Malcolm Creates Literature able to Immerse Readers and Take Their Emotions on a Wild Ride.

Everything From Novels to Instructional Booklets Has a Story to Tell.

Let Malcolm Help You Show That Story to the World

Take the Busy Out of Business

Knowledge on Both Sides

Naturally a Creative Mind Yet Trained in Practical Business Knowledge.

Malcolm is Able to Provide Business Advice in a way Creative Minds Can Understand and Appreciate.

Let Malcolm Help You Organize Today

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