Hailing from the snowy lands of Barrie Ontario, Malcolm has grown up with a love of acting and entertaining.

Having been raised on old time radio programs, classic movies, and cartoons, Malcolm spent countless hours of his childhood creating new and exciting character voices to tell exciting stories with.

Through years of training and experimentation, Malcolm has grown, and continues to grow to be the unique talent you see today!

So why does Malcolm do what he does?

To Malcolm it has never been about achieving fame and fortune (though he does appreciate being able to keep the water running). To Malcolm, every performance is a chance to encourage and inspire those around him. To help bring people's projects to life, and let their works touch the lives of everyone who sees them. It may be the businessmen and academics who keep this world running smoothly, but to Malcolm, it is the creatives and artists who give the world the momentum to keep moving forward.


Don't Wait!

Let Malcolm help you give your project the impact it deserves. Contact him today to take your creative vision to the next level!