Video Game / Third Person Sandbox


Piratetopia started as an experiment to see to what extent the reputation tracking system could be applied to game mechanics. While the thought of turning this demo into a full game is exciting, the current goal is to bring the core mechanics to a polished and working state.

Current State: Core Mechanics Development

-Basic third person character controls ✔
-Camera movement with mouse 50%
-Switch attack modes to Melee, Ranged, Brawl with numbers 1,2,3 ✔
-Basic attacks with damage
-Introduction of ships Paper Prototyping
-Ship Combat Paper Prototyping

Reputation Tracker:
-System to create various opposing ideals ✔
-System to assign those ideals to likes, loves, dislikes, and hates ✔
-Integrate Systems to NPC's In Development
-Introduction of Affiliation Reputation
-Ability to have AR influence but not limit NR Paper Prototyping
-Having Actions send calls out to Rep In Development
-Change in AI behavior based on Rep

-Auto generate basic map with basic structures ✔
-NPC Friendly behavior In Development
-NPC Enemy behavior In Development
-NPC Critter behavior
-NPC Beast behavior
-NPC Monster behavior
-NPC Legend behavior
-Integration of Reputation into AI behavior In Development

Core Mechanics:
-Base Attributes In Development
-Ship Upgrades Paper Prototyping
-Leveling System Paper Prototyping
-World Tracking

Utilities / Accounting and Planning Software


Creating a mixture between financial management and time management. Track payments, watch estimates on how investments will grow over time, run financial simulations, and make sure you never miss a bill again

Current State: Paper Prototyping

-Compounding Interest Calculator ✔
-Mortgage Calculator 80%
-Cash Flow Statement Tracker
-Budget Calculator
-Real Date Tracking
-UI Elements
-Address Book