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Net Salary Budget Template

The Net Salary Budget Template allows users to enter their gross salary and monthly, as well as annual expenses in order to see how their budget compares with their net salary given Ontario tax rates as of 2019. The Net Salary Budget Template supports any income at $1000 intervals between $1000-$200,000 and automatically displays all expenses and savings on the pie chart below.

In this base design, the template provides the user the offer of a "Buffer Zone". The Buffer Zone is money to be set aside each month to cover unexpected costs. Because "Buffer Zone" budgeting will not necessarily be spent, there is an adjusted annual savings sum calculated assuming the user will never spend their buffer zone funds.



Quarterly Changing Monthly Allowance Template

The Quarterly Changing Monthly Allowance Template allows the user to give employees a monthly allowance which; at the end of the month, can either be kept or carried forward into the following month. This spreadsheet includes a special "Defaults" page which allows users to easily change the budget, employee names, and even warning messages on all sheets in one move. Finally, the Quarterly Changing Monthly Allowance Template includes a summary page which allows the user to get a brief overview of any important issues which need to be addressed without needing to check every sheet.



Growing Table Custom Formatting

The Growing Table Custom Formatting Spreadsheet was a quick experiment which can be applied to any spreadsheet with an undetermined amount of entries. The custom formatting on this spreadsheet automatically creates a new coloured row for each new entry. This custom formatting set of rules can be applied to any spreadsheet to maintain a cleaner look keeping User attention on the data that matters.



Star Citizen Fleet Tracker and Exchange Calculator

The Star Citizen Fleet Tracker and Exchange Calculator was a fan project done for the successful Kickstarted experimental video game project Star Citizen. It allows users to track which ships they own as well as calculate what financial value these ships will have when exchanging them in the in game store.



Lump Sum vs Yearly Investment Calculator

The Lump Sum vs Yearly Investment Calculator allows the user to calculate the difference between two investments, one with a lump sum deposit and one with applying an investment yearly.



Video Games

All video games created in Unity or Unreal Engine 4


Video Game / First Person Open World Business Sim


Merchant was a project which started from the question, "What if you made a trucking simulator set in a fantasy world?"

What grew from there was a game concept where you would start out as a humble merchant running odd jobs in your village, earn capital, expand your business, and eventually become a main supplier in a fantasy world.

Current State: Core Mechanics Development

-Basic first person character controls ✔
-Camera movement with mouse ✔
-Interaction Mode by Holding Down "F" ✔
-Ability to Pick Up, Drop, and Throw objects ✔
-Floating Merchant Names ✔

-Basic Item Dictionary✔
-Separation of the "Container" class of Items 75%

-Inventory Menu In Development
-Character Equip Menu Paper Prototyping
-Main Menu

-Buy and Sell Mechanics Paper Prototyping
-Unique Product Values Per Merchant Paper Prototyping
-Supply and Demand Mechanics Paper Prototyping
-AI Custom Orders

-Save Game
-Art Assets



Video Game / Third Person Sandbox


Piratetopia started as an experiment to see to what extent the reputation tracking system could be applied to game mechanics. While the thought of turning this demo into a full game is exciting, the current goal is to bring the core mechanics to a polished and working state.

Current State: Core Mechanics Development

-Basic third person character controls ✔
-Camera movement with mouse 50%
-Switch attack modes to Melee, Ranged, Brawl with numbers 1,2,3 ✔
-Basic attacks with damage
-Introduction of ships Paper Prototyping
-Ship Combat Paper Prototyping

Reputation Tracker:
-System to create various opposing ideals ✔
-System to assign those ideals to likes, loves, dislikes, and hates ✔
-Integrate Systems to NPC's In Development
-Introduction of Affiliation Reputation
-Ability to have AR influence but not limit NR Paper Prototyping
-Having Actions send calls out to Rep In Development
-Change in AI behavior based on Rep

-Auto generate basic map with basic structures ✔
-NPC Friendly behavior In Development
-NPC Enemy behavior In Development
-NPC Critter behavior
-NPC Beast behavior
-NPC Monster behavior
-NPC Legend behavior
-Integration of Reputation into AI behavior In Development

Core Mechanics:
-Base Attributes In Development
-Ship Upgrades Paper Prototyping
-Leveling System Paper Prototyping
-World Tracking