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Welcome to Malcolm Tolman Voiceover, the Energetic Voice. Here you can find the answer to any of your voice over needs. Young Male, Old Male, Guy Next Door, Evil Villain, Geeks, Demons, or Woodland Animals. Malcolm has a wide variety of voices to fill a wide variety of needs.

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Professional Production:

Malcolm has access to his own professional studio set up allowing him to record high quality audio in a multitude of formats. He can even offer some basic editing and effects to files if needed.

With a flexible schedule, and quick turnaround rate, you can get your files how you want them and when you need them.

Writing Services:

Malcolm is a published author, business graduate, all around quick wit. For an additional fee, he is available to help write, or edit the script for your project. He has experience writing for a variety of presentations, from fictional, to educational, to professional.

Voice Description:

Guy Next Door, Believable, Comforting, Announcer, Spooky, Scary, Posh, Western, Fast, High Pitched, Energetic, Soothing, Raspy, Nerd, Villain, Hero, Character, Obnoxious, Cute, Teen, Young Adult, Casual, Friendly, Nervous, Emotional, Motivational, Story Teller, Poetic, Cynical, Educational, Inhuman, Informative, Extreme, Romantic, Insane, Confident, Cartoon, Internet Videos, Commercials, Video Games, Ask for more! Highly Versatile

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