Hailing from the snowy lands of Barrie Ontario, Malcolm has grown up with a love of acting and entertaining.

Having been raised on old time radio programs, classic movies, and cartoons, Malcolm spent countless hours growing up, creating radio dramas with his cousins on his old Fisher Price tape recorder. Though the results were more comical than dramatic, it planted the seed of a love for acting, as well as the experience of audio editing.

As the years passed, Malcolm continued to practice entertaining by taking classes in acting, improv, singing, and creative writing, while balancing them out with courses in business, computer sciences, and law. On top of his studies, Malcolm has also been a very active part of the google video and later on youtube communities since 2005 working to inspire and aid aspiring entertainers in social media marketing, legalities, and production planning.

More than anything, Malcolm has always found people fascinating. He has gone to great lengths to understand how and why people act the way they do, and has in turn applied this to his writing and acting. He is by all means a method actor, always getting into the head of his character to bring forth a more believable performance. Malcolm is able to switch characters with a fair amount of ease, allowing him to record multiple characters at the same time. His only complaint about this is his inability to ever win an argument with himself.

All in all, Malcolm believes that every experience in life holds a lesson which can be applied to all other aspects of your life. In this way, Malcolm is always learning, and growing, both as a person, and as a performer. Both a hard worker, and a hard learner, Malcolm will continue to grow and improve to continue to bring you reads fitting of the quality of your projects!

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